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Foundation for Medieval Genealogy

Main Activities

Page updated 24 March 2014


FMG Journal  -  'Foundations'

The journal of the FMG blending short articles, queries, reviews and letters relating to medieval genealogy (pre-1500). The success of the journal is dependent on receiving well researched material from the genealogical community. For more details (including contents and abstracts of previous issues) click here. Foundations is available either electronically through the User's Area or as a printed journal. See our online shop (link from the floating menu above) to subscribe to either format.

Medieval Lands
This active project by FMG member Charles Cawley presents narrative biographical genealogies of the major ruling families of over 140 territories. Information is checked against primary source material wherever possible. The territorial emphasis and wide scope enable innovative comparative conclusions to be drawn about the development of the role of the nobility in different locations over time. New information is regularly added.
Scanned Sources
FMG has a project to provide digitised copies of out-of-copyright sources from our collections. These are scanned images in PDF format. The sources are chosen randomly, taking into account what is already available elsewhere. We will add more as time permits. Click here for more information.
Reference Library of Medieval Sources
The Foundation has a specialist library of medieval genealogical and prosopographical sources. Click here for further information on our library collection, including the online catalogue and our copying service.
Corrections to 'Domesday People'
& 'Domesday Descendants
Corrections and additions to K S B Keats-Rohan's two volumes 'Domesday People' and 'Domesday Descendants', compiled by Rosie Bevan, mainly from material discussed on the newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval. A form is provided for people to submit comments and further material.
Index to the Ancestry of Charles II
by Neil D Thompson & Charles M Hansen
A graphical index has been produced by the FMG to the long-running series in The Genealogist by Neil D Thompson & Charles M Hansen "A Medieval Heritage: The Ancestry of Charles II, King of England". The FMG index covers only the earlier part of the series. The authors have now published (2012) the full series in a bound book.
German Landed Gentry
A key to primary sources for landed gentry in specified German settlements, being developed by FMG member Regina Hoffmann.
Index to Mller's 'Stammtafeln Westdeutscher Adelsgeschlechter im Mittelalter'
This four part work, published from 1922 onwards, provides several hundred genealogies for the nobility of western Germany. We have compiled an index of these families so that researchers may see whether their family of interest may be found in this important source. We can supply page copies for personal use.
Surtees’ Parishes, etc. of Co. Durham
The London Library has two volumes comprising a number of booklets, privately printed 1919-30, by Conyers Surtees. As these booklets are not widely available, we have compiled a summary of their contents, highlighting especially genealogical tables with at least some medieval content. The booklets also contain a wealth of architectural and topographical data.